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About Bike Stars Leather Wear

Bike Stars Leather Wear  is an exquisite combination of the spirit of creativeness and the energy of youth. Its existence and continuation is outcome of the passion and vision of a team of youngsters, who have inherited the proverbial artisanship of Sialkot. Blending the inherited skill with stare-of-the-art technology. They have grown into an organization manufacturing and exporting Motorbike Racing Suits, Garments and Accessories the world over. Within a short span of a few years, it has earned the trust of business partners and customers worldwide.

Now with our buyers and business partners spread across the globe, we are ready to explore new horizons in the art of Manufacturing Motorbike Garments and Accessories.Our R & D department works round the clock to search the new dimensions in this field. This keeps us in touch with ever-changing global professional and technological scene.

Quite naturally, no business organization stands in vacuum. Therefore, our trusted customers & buyers are the most important other side of the pictures. The ever flowing stream of feedback from them keeps us on our toes and brings us closest to the feel of things. Without this support we lose considerably. Hence, we honour the reputation and trust of our customers ahead of everything else.


With Bike Stars Leather Wear, the range of designs, materials and colours is virtually inexhaustible, Apart from the variety in this catalogue; we can accommodate any Customer-advised specifications and modifications.

The professional and aesthetic demands of any kind can be met without any problem. Under the vigilant eyes of our experts, every stitch is scanned to maintain the highest standards of quality and performance, because three important things are the stake:
Biker’s honour, Buyer’s reputation and our pride.

Yours Sincerely,
Bike Stars Leather Wear Management.